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We Love our Community Partners!

We believe that it takes a VILLAGE to make a DIFFERENCE


It Takes a Village...

Romans 1:16 Ministries


Romans 1:16 Ministries & FEED First USA are making it happen for the kids. The Pre-Event for the upcoming, Its All About The Kids Fundraising Event is off to an AMAZING start! We just LOVE all the support! They raised $734.00 for our kiddos!

St. Mark Episcopal Church


We are so exceedingly thankful and truly grateful for the generous donations we received from St. Mark Episcopal Church on today! It will be a dynamic blessing for all the children at FEED First USA that will be able to benefit from it. We have the best Community Partners Special Thanks to Ms. PJ Patricia Thuston Jernigan for thinking of us, to give to!

Nicholas R. Jones Memorial Fund


Special Thanks to Raymond Jerrod (the Nicholas R. Jones Memorial Fund) and his adorable son for donating hygiene items to FEED First USA and the kids in our program. This is what happens when community partners link up to help out the kiddos!!

Whispering Hills Mobile Park


Teamwork makes the DREAM WORK!  George Morejon and our Community Partners at Whispering Hills Mobile Home Park  have already put up a fence & broke ground for our garden for Project Community Garden, that our Kids First Summer Camp Kids will be helping with this summer. Happy Dance Time!!!